Best Vegan Apps 2021

In the recent articles, we have described a lot of the benefits when becoming vegan. But transitioning to a vegan diet is still a challenge. We have picked the best vegan apps, that will give those who are just starting out a good great general guidance and the “veterans” will benefit from delicious recipes and other very useful features, e.g. food scanners or vegan restaurant maps. 


1. Simple Vegan

Of course, our App needs to be on this list. But it really is the perfect app for everybody who wants to transition to a vegan diet. The App will guide you through the process of becoming Vegan. The macro-micro nutrient-based meal plan will help you with your meal planning and the journal will capture your journey to hundreds of recipes. So this is definitely a must-have for your vegan journey.


2. Is it Vegan?

You want to go shopping but no longer want to check every product label if it has animal ingredients then this is app is perfect for you. You just have to scan the barcode and the app will tell you if the product is 100% vegan. However the product library is very limited and most of the indexed products are from the US, so the scanner doesn’t really work well in the rest of the world.

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3. Happy Cow

When you are searching for vegan Restaurants and Stores then this is the perfect App for you. Depending on your location you will get a list of nearby restaurants and stores. So it’s the perfect companion, especially when you don’t know the area.

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4. TripAdvisor

Although the focus of the App doesn’t lie on veganism, it is still a great companion. The huge community provides a detailed insight in local vegan restaurants and other stores. It is perfect for discovering new restaurants and eating delicious food.

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5. Dr. Gregers Daily Dozen

Dr. Greger is definitely of the most influential people in the vegan industry. And his daily dozen list is a huge help for everyone who wants to get the full benefits from a vegan transition without missing out on healthy foods.

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