First Steps As A Vegan

To be a vegan means, quite simply, to eat purely vegetable food. Animal food of any kind is not included in your diet. Contrary to vegetarianism, where meat, sausage, and fish are omitted, but eggs and dairy product are consumed, veganism excludes eggs, milk, or any other products based on them.

This can sound challenging to people thinking about becoming a vegan. At the start, you may find it difficult to imagine surviving a morning without your café latte. Or perhaps you feel your pizza only makes sense with a lot of cheese? Don’t worry. Going vegan is quite easy these days. For almost all animal products, there are great plant-based alternatives. And wherever things get complicated, questions arise, or your inner meat-eater starts grumbling, we are there for you!

And be assured. Eating vegan food is by no means the same as abstinence. You will spot this when you click through our extensive list of recipes. Besides, veganism is not just a type of diet. Rather it is a philosophy or way of life. But more about that later.

So have you become curious and want to discover more? Then click on the story “Why go vegan” and find out what advantages a vegan diet has not only for you but also for animals and the environment.