First Steps As A Vegan

Have you ever heard the expression “Life is a journey”? It is also a perfect description of a transition to a vegan lifestyle. Many of us think that all that matters is getting on the road. And so, the journey is already the destination. We all choose our own journeys and we travel at the pace that suits us best.

In the beginning, it can be quite overwhelming especially when you are about to change your diet to vegan. But it is a lot easier than you think. I promise. And there are many different approaches. There is a right path for everyone. It is important that you know yourself well and can assess which path suits you best.

Crowding food out

Start off with your everyday diet and add new vegan foods with time. The amount of vegan food should increase until you completely cut out the non-vegan food from your diet. We would especially recommend this approach when you are feeling uncomfortable with drastic changes.

Vegetarian followed by veganism

Start off by going vegetarian and try to cut out the dairy and egg products over time. This method can be perfectly combined with the first one.

30 Day Vegan Challenge

Do you like challenges? Then this method is perfect for you. Start off by committing yourself to eat only plant-based food for 30 days. You can also challenge friends to motivate each other. The main benefit of this method is that you will make a much faster vegan transition and will, therefore, experience the benefits much better.

Go full vegan

You feel sick about killing animals and the destruction of the environment and want to make the change immediately rather than just swap all your non-vegan foods with alternatives. This is not easy to do for many people. But what can help is to switch to vegan substitute products, such as vegan burger patties or vegan cheese.

Whether you want to approach going vegan slowly or prefer to “jump straight in”, the start is quite simple. The important thing is never to put yourself under pressure. And remember that every small vegan contribution in your diet counts. And every step, no matter how small, is one in the right direction! Do you see the world as we do and you’re on board the vegan train?