Basic Vegan Substitutions

Let’s face it, there are some things you just can’t live without. If you get up on Monday morning and find that you have run out of milk for your coffee, your week may not get off to a good start! But wait – you want to go vegan, and milk is now off the menu. That might not be such a great start either!

We humans are creatures of habit. But habits can be changed. And the variety of vegan foods will help you do that. Fortunately, there are great plant-based alternatives for almost everything. They chauffeur you from your breakfast bread to your after-work drink. Your taste buds may be a little confused at first, but with time and a willingness to try, you will soon learn to enjoy new things.

We have listed the foods that most often cause separation pain here, together with their vegan counterparts for you:

Butter: If you’re wondering what to put on your bread don’t worry! There are so many cool alternatives that we don’t even know where to start. From great spreads to hummus to nut muse, send your palate on a journey of discovery! You still don’t want to say farewell to the butter on your bread? Then vegan margarines are your choice. But you should always bear in mind that vegetable fats in hardened form are not good for our bodies and are therefore should only be consumed in moderation.

Eggs: If you want to replace eggs for baking, there are various alternatives that will make your cake fluffy, moist and hold the mixture together. These include applesauce, bananas or, chia, linseed and psyllium husks, just to name a few. If it’s more about the perfect breakfast egg, you’ll need to be strong for a moment: The egg in its cooked form as a soft or fried egg, is pretty much the only one for which there is no comparable substitute to date. But if you’re more the egg-based dish or egg spread type anyway, then we have better news. There are great ways to make the perfect breakfast with vegan vegetables instead of eggs. Tofu or chickpeas, for example, are suitable as a basis for this.

Milk & Yoghurt: In this product type the choice is so large that you will wonder why you never drank your cafe latte with vanilla oat milk and why you consumed your cereal without a vegan coconut-mango yoghurt before. The only challenge – you must awaken the Explorer in you, be curious, and plunge into a great taste adventure. We all have different tastes. This also applies to the range of products on offer which can also vary in taste. Our recommendation. Make your first stop on the shelf at the Rice-Coconut-Milk. Its sweetish taste will help you get over the first pain of saying goodbye.

Cheese: Almost all the classic varieties that your cheese heart desires, are available in a vegan form and are great quality. So, if you can’t dispense with cheese on bread or pasta, it is best to start with these products. Just make sure you check the list of ingredients, because even vegan products can be made with very few ingredients and contain many additives. Over time, think outside the box and try to make your own cheese. You can also find some very simple options in our recipes!

Meat & Sausage: The same applies here: For the classic variants – from bratwurst sausages to burger patties – there are already many vegan alternatives. In contrast to cheese, these products contain usually more ingredients and additives than the classic version. So, you should always keep an eye on the list of ingredients. No matter whether you consume the vegan version or the classic version, these products should not be on your menu all the time as part of a balanced diet. However, nothing should stand in the way of the next barbecue!